Indoor children's playground operation should avoid these errors
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Indoor children's playground operation should avoid these errors


Indoor children's paradise now to the market, more and more favorable for the children, a huge market prospects even prompted many entrepreneurs to pursue. To open an indoor children's paradise, as an investor to master some skills in advance, although there are indoor children's paradise there will be planning errors, the following is a common misunderstanding of the project planning for reference.

The first error: subjective guess

When investors choose a project, there is a common misunderstanding: when you see a new project elsewhere and feel good after you experience it, you will immediately decide to buy it. However, once the project is put into operation, it is not that good It is not only that there is no expected result, but also less concerned and welcome. This is a misunderstanding of an investment, the investment can not be subjective assumptions alone, but should be from the consumer's position to consider the analysis, consider the surrounding level of consumption, hobby habits and a series of problems, since the opening is the indoor children's paradise , It is necessary for consumer groups to analyze the preferences of customer groups to run indoor children's park project. In conditions permitting, should do some relevant investigation, so as to ensure indoor children's playground to maximize profits.


The second misunderstanding: more greedy for the whole

Some indoor playgrounds can be seen on the market. However, there are not many projects that can be played, which make the tourists feel very open. It is also very difficult for the operators to gather the atmosphere of the playground. Some indoor children's playgrounds The area is very small, the configuration of machinery and equipment is very much, feel can not wait to put on, the whole space makes people feel very depressed, or even breathless. Misunderstandings in both cases will give customers a bad experience, so in the venue to do indoor paradise planning, must be based on the size of the venue to do a reasonable shape and shape of the project, scientific arrangements, we must avoid the demand for more This is not a wise approach.

The third misunderstanding: did not do the primary and secondary clear

We can see a lot of indoor children's playground generally named "xx children's theme park." However, the actual planning of the project, but forgot what their own theme, so that behind the purchase of equipment are not targeted, the last planned out of the device there is no theme at all. So how to avoid this misunderstanding? To avoid the misleading distinction between primary and secondary, it is necessary to have hands and feet on the venue decoration, decoration equipment and amusement equipment. In the planning, promotion and promotion activities of the indoor paradise, My heart also has a label.


Fourth misunderstanding: different degrees of hot and cold with improper

In general, a reasonable venue is to heat projects and unpopular projects combined planning, as we have seen some of the indoor paradise, some areas soaring popularity, but no one cares, this is not conducive to the indoor paradise Business. The area is limited. If the hot items are brought together, the crowd will be crowded together, which will result in the loss of some tourists because they can not squeeze in. However, the unpopular project has not been concerned about. Therefore, we need to make science and technology hot and cold items interspersed science, popular projects to be popular in the project, the popular project has a hot item that allows visitors to fully play, you can also popular project driven by unpopular operation of the project. Between projects throughout the venue, the only way to retain customers as much as possible.