How to make children's playground profitable?
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How to make children's playground profitable?


Self-examination in the business process of the problems

Children's Paradise profit is not ideal for many reasons, such as the cost is too high, did not recuperate the initial investment, inadequate flow of people. First of all, we should observe the operation of similar playgrounds, if conditions permit, we can calculate the traffic and investment ratio, and then solve their own problems.


Reasonable cost issues

Not profitable, in the final analysis is the income is not big investment, in general, all inputs have their significance as a general manager, there is no condition blindly burn, but do not cut corners in the amusement device! If you blindly seek cheap, the purchase of quality missing amusement equipment or equipment beyond the safe life, in case of problems, too late to regret! As a result, unnecessary costs are curtailed, but do not pay lip service to key safety and health issues.


Improve user stickiness

To improve user stickiness can be achieved by encouraging the membership card, giving a small gift, discount attractive repeat customers, and for customers who do not have the intention to apply for a membership card, can make the children each time you go to provide a simple card, each consumer cover A chapter, accumulate a certain number of times, you can give away play time.