How to choose children's playground?
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How to choose children's playground?


The ancients have the sky, geography, and people say, the earliest used in war. Now, shopping malls such as the battlefield, the same need for these three important conditions, but the different types of business needs in different proportions. Children's playground how to choose the venue, is the most important start-up children's paradise, and most of the favorable geographical conditions and time and people, embodied in the children's playground is particularly evident. Although children's playground industry nowadays is more and more competitive, it can not ignore the quality of the site because it only seizes resources. What kind of venue is good?

In general, the current types of sites are the following:

1. Super-business: Some are located in the interior of shopping malls or supermarkets, and some outside, even outside the mall square. Only one purpose, rely on business brought by the passenger flow;

2. Store: This is the same way as other industry businesses, that is, street frontage, also known as independent stores;

3. Community Shops: Whether outside the community or inside, collectively referred to as community stores, mainly rely on the surrounding community around the passenger flow;

4. Park Shop: Some stores with some playground facilities, relying on the park's features, make the park passenger flow;

5. Square stores: Many cities have a residential square, is one of the major public places of activities, gathering some amusement equipment.

Currently known is the five addresses of the store. According to the market reaction, most of the park is attached to this super environment, but also many major brands paradise, and most cities have local department store brands, relying on years of accumulated and, has long been a large park The eyes of fat. This shows that paradise or the best living environment Shangmao rely on such a shopping environment, which is now people's lives in one of the basic outings.

However, not as long as it is suitable for business to open the park. First of all, the mature supermarkets do not have enough venues and even if there is a rent, the rents are also very expensive. As the supermarkets have matured and a stable passenger flow has been formed, the gold content must be very high. High rent means the high risk of paradise, to know the maximum cost of paradise, is a daily fixed property costs incurred. Of course, renting may not be a stumbling block if you have a strong consumer base in the city, a more advanced spending concept, and a higher ticket price. However, to achieve such an effect, you must keep in mind several key prerequisites.

In addition, independent stores, depending on the location of how to see the address is good. Independent stores are generally divided into ordinary blocks and commercial pedestrian blocks, apparently the latter's gold content is higher than the former. But to note that, whether supermarkets or independent stores, we must pay attention to the types of businesses around the store, there is no park and related businesses, such as children's clothing, toys, early childhood education, mother and baby, and even other leisure properties, Such as restaurants, especially fashion restaurants, cinemas and other leisure facilities. This can take advantage of other businesses passenger traffic, or marketing with these businesses, so neighbors reciprocity and mutual benefit.

Also, commercial pedestrian street in the relatively concentrated consumer groups, pedestrian street stores gold content, it will be high up. Coupled with the appropriate advertising, passenger flow can also be a guarantee, after all, in many cities, pedestrian shopping district traffic after the shopping malls, and more middle class family leisure shopping more willing to choose the pedestrian block. Community stores and square stores have similarities, basically by virtue of the residents around the traffic, relative to supermarkets and pedestrian shopping district and the complex of such stores, the passenger flow is relatively weaker. If the intersection of the park shop and the Plaza shop, it basically belongs to the weekend of consumer goods.